Are you ready to increase your sales, streamline your processes, and create a scaleable and sustainable business?

Here are some issues we often hear from our clients prior to working with us. Does this sound familiar?

  • I am overwhelmed with the day-to-day operations of my business and it’s leaving me with no time to focus on strategic priorities.
  • There are aspects of my business that I simply don’t have all the skills or resources to consistently execute on solid strategies, like marketing.
  • I am the only one who can do what I do, the way I do it… What I really need is to clone myself!
  • I am putting in far more hours than I want to be working, and even when I’m not at work, I’m thinking about work; I just can’t get away from it!

The KapCan team is ready to help you break through the barriers to your success. You’ll have clear goals, a solid plan of action, and the resources you need to get there.

  • You will learn how to work at optimal efficiency and therefore carve out more time for revenue-generating activities and strategic priorities.
  • You will learn how to delegate effectively to others, communicate important information about your business processes, and therefore minimize the risk of your business suffering a shortfall if you need to be, or choose to be, absent.
  • You will experience improvements to your operations to increase efficiency, productivity, and use of resources; you will have a blueprint of how your business runs that can be used as an operations manual current staff can reference, and an on-boarding manual to expedite the success for new hires.
  • You will have a loyal, long-­term partnership for success with the KapCan team of experts on your side.
Let’s Get Started

What impact would having up to 20% more time in your day have on your ability to grow your business?

Small business owners have a responsibility to effectively manage many priorities to ensure success. Every day, you have customers, suppliers, and staff relying on you. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from the most important role you play: focusing on revenue-generating activities that will drive your business growth.

Now… we know that the term “time management” has been practically used to death. You may be thinking:

  • I’ve read every article, watched every video, and taken course after course and I’ve never been able to make a change!
  • I do not have time to implement anything new when I’m already drowning in the stress of getting things done!
  • I know I should be delegating tasks to other people to free up my time. I don’t have time to train someone. It’s easier to do it myself!

What is so different about this training program that makes you so confident I’ll see results?

The answer is simple. We do not focus on managing time. We focus on managing priorities. Because guess what? Unless someone has finally invented a time machine, everyone still has the same number of hours in the day!

  • We have taken the best techniques from people like Stephen Covey and David Allen and compiled them to create a laser-focused system that you can easily and effortlessly put into practice.
  • We understand that everyone operates differently and we take that into account and help you adapt the STAT system to the way you work, the way you think, and the systems you have in place.
  • AND, we will show you the results! Measurement is key to success and by auditing your time before and after the program, we will show you your own real data of time savings.
I’m ready to be a master of my time!

Meeting Room | Rent a Space in London Ontario

Get access to the perfect 400 sq.ft. open concept meeting & office space located in central London Ontario.

  • Rental by hour, half­day or full­day
  • Wifi incl. • 65” TV for presentations, google hangouts, movie presentations and/or seminar decks
  • Flip Charts stand, white boards
  • Convenient parking
  • Access to self­serve kitchen for coffee and tea
  • Catering upon request • Hours of operation: 6 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week

KapCan meeting space in London Ontario is designed for:

  • Meeting space for Workshops
  • Meeting space to conduct interviews
  • Meeting space for training
  • Short­term needs for Office space
  • Host a party
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